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Dumpster or Dumpster Bags

  When it comes to home cleanouts and home renovations people sometimes ask, do I need a dumpster bin or should I just get the bags where I can dispose of my junk? We have dealt with many homeowners who asked this question and then chose to go with the bag option only to call us afterward because the bag choice didn’t work out well for them. Like most bags, if you put too much stuff in them or the bag can’t handle the weight, the bag will break just like any other bag and you’re now doing twice the work to clean up and probably spending twice the money. Don’t get us wrong, sometimes the bag option might work for you but you have to consider what’s going in it and how much stuff do you have. Most people when they’re doing a home cleanout or renovation usually find that they have more leftover junk than what they initially anticipated and when they go to the bag option they try to squeeze in that extra junk and poof. The dumpster option is always a safer option as our dumpsters won’t bre