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Happy 4th of July

      Fourth of July calls for celebrations and lots of fireworks! If you plan to pop fireworks, make sure to visit the city of Harris County's website to make sure you fall within the city limits that do permit the use of fireworks.     Harris County Fire Marshall's Office recently released some safety tips while using fireworks:            - Ensure fireworks are legal in your community            - Read all directions and labels on the fireworks correctly            - Never allow children to play with or ignite fireworks            - Light only one firework at a time and do not point fireworks at people or buildings.            - Make sure there is a water source nearby for emergencies            - Soak used fireworks before disposing of them in the trash and be considerate of                             neighbors when it comes to left behind trash.     To file any complaints regarding illegal use of fireworks or have questions regarding fireworks, you can also call 281-999-2

Stress Less Summer Clean Out

  The impact of stress on your life can be overwhelming and make you feel like everything is falling on your shoulders. One thing you can do to help with your surroundings would be to start with your own dwelling by organizing and declutter around you. It has been proven to help bring clarity to your mental state by having a clean home. Research is showing that the relationship between clutter and stress is correlated by high levels of cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone and higher levels lead to higher stress. When a group of women were given a chance to have their homes cleaned and decluttered, they showed much lower levels cortisol and lower levels of stress.  More information on this study can be found on A clean house also produces more positive thoughts and a level of calmness, where as, clutter and mess can bring on anxiety and sense of confusion. Studies show that too much in a surrounding can make it harder to focus and complete projects efficiently. Onc